Capital University organizes  football event for 32 secondary schools


The Capital University, which is one of the high  main educational institutions in Somalia has organized football event  for 32 secondary schools  in Mogadishu on 14-4-18.


The opening ceremony  of the event, was attended by administration of the Capital University and the Hodan district Commissioner .


The head of the Capital University students Abdala Abdala Ali made a speech , which he expressed that the starting of the event was being planned for a long time, and its main aim was to introduce the Somali youth themselves and to get prominent player.


The rector of the Capital University Dr. Abdikadir Wehliye Afrah had emphasized the importance of sports for the youth during educational season, and he implied  that Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia are based about 3oo schools, which educate about one million students.


Sport was for the Somali people a favourite thing and it was interested in the schools before the civil strife and given that the Capital University organized the football event to secure peace and stability in Somalia added the rector of  the Capital University Dr. Abdikadir Wehliye Afrah.


The rector also said that the main purpose of the football event is to be obtained good students, who will be able to play for the National Football Team in the future, and the Capital University will give best rewards in this event.


The opening game Taajul Ulum    beat Al Khail   by    5-0


‘ By Hussein Mohamed Hadafow




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